Five must-have qualities of stellar PR pros

Five must-have qualities of stellar PR pros

When it comes to filling open positions at your PR firm or company, you want to choose individuals that not only have the necessary skills, but also have the willpower to live up to their potential. That said, it can be difficult identifying the best traits in a potential candidate.

That's why sometimes it helps to have a checklist.

In that vein, here are five must-have qualities of a stellar PR professional in the making.

5. They Must Be Strong Writers. In the PR world there's no shortage of writing work to be completed. That's why it's extremely important for all PR professionals to be adept at writing. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing, blogging, press releases and even social media. Borrowing from most writers, PR pros should also be able to think and act creatively, articulate and remain positive even during the most trying situations.

4. They Must Be Extremely Organized and Good Multi-Taskers. Organizational skills are definitely important in the world of PR, but they go hand-in-hand with the ability to multi-task. If you - or a potential employee - can handle both, then you'll be stellar at your job. PR pros must be able to handle a waterfall's worth of duties, and they must be able to complete everything in a timely fashion. While there may not be strict deadlines, there is still an expiration date on everything you do in the industry if only because it's so competitive. PR pros must be able to handle the pressure and get everything done, even when they feel bogged down with responsibilities. That's why it's just as important to remain organized at all times, as well.

3. They Must Be Information Sponges. The only way to gain knowledge is to continue consuming information, at all times. Most would say this is important early on in a PR professional's career, however it's just as important later on too. There is so much to learn in the field that it's impossible to know everything at any given time. Still, it doesn't hurt to keep acting like a sponge taking in as much as you possibly can.

One of the best traits for a newbie, or a new-hire to have is that they are willing to gain experience by watching the seasoned professionals around them and taking their personal time to read industry related books and articles. This also means they need to remain open to criticism which brings us to our next point.

2. They Need to Have Thick Skin. Part of working in PR is that you will get shot down, ignored and possibly even insulted. Not to mention it's likely a few misteps will happen before you find the right path. That's why it's important for all PR professionals, especially potential hires, to have thick skin.

The neglect doesn't just happen out in the field either, even some of the best PR professionals have their pitches turned down from time to time. The point is that it's all part of the business, and if you can't pick yourself back up each time you're probably not cut out for PR.

Don't believe us? Check out some of these high-profile PR blunders to see just what kind of things can happen in the world of PR.

1. They Must Be Energetic, Devoted and Persistent. Success doesn't usually happen overnight, and in the rare circumstance where it does - it took someone a lot of time and effort to get there. Potential PR candidates need to be energetic and they need to understand that the work doesn't always end just because you've gone home for the day. Sometimes the job will require constant monitoring through various channels including social media.

They also need to remain devoted to their work. More importantly, they need to be persistent because there are going to be quite a few times where they are turned away by clients or journalists.

Make sure you choose candidates that fit the bill.

What are some other must-have qualities for PR pros? Share in the comments below!

EDITOR'S NOTE: These are some of the must-have qualities for PR pros, but what about for journalists? Don't worry...Muck Rack's got you covered! Muck Rack contributor Kayla Matthews put together this list of five character traits of exceptional journalists. Enjoy!

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