Now for news about the news

Poynter proffers the distressing information that the newspaper industry lost another 1,300 full-time editorial professionals in 2013 (221 shares). "But minority employment rose for the first time in years," Andrew Beaujon offered some silver lining.

Relatedly, profit falls 21% at New York Times Co. despite circulation gains, revealed Ravi Somaiya there (727 shares). Colleague Lydia Polgreen mused, "NYT lists $2.2 million in severance costs in last quarter. Wonder who that cash went to?" Hmmm ...

The Sun's not having such a good day, either, as it's bedevilled by criticism after 'Satan boy' article (1,102 shares). "The Sun provokes outrage over pix of 4-yr-old w. a 'mark of the devil.' Editors blame baby's parents & Facebook," Cathy Grossman laid it out for us at Religion News Service. "The Sun spokesman misses the point - should a 4 year old be mocked on a tabloid front page?" Financial Times' Henry Mance pointed out.

And to end on a lighter (and aesthetically pleasing) note, The Hill has released this year's list of 50 most beautiful people (398 shares). "Your annual reminder that this city can be a wasteland," grumped Matt Berman at the National Journal. Come now, Matt, it's not that bad! WaPo's Wesley Lowery was upset for a different reason: "Where is @pkcapitol?! I demand a recount."

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