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Mother JonesDave Gilson boasts an exclusive about the NRA's murder mystery (1,739 shares). "He was imprisoned for murder until a court freed him over bad police work. Then he helped the NRA arm America," colleague Molly Redden explained.

Meanwhile, Foreign Policy reports that NSA's Cyber-King has gone corporate (302 shares). NPR's Aarti Shahani summarized, "Former NSA Chief goes corporate, sez he's worth $1m A MONTH -- not cuz of the relationships! For 'unique' tech."

The Daily Beast takes us inside the Kerry-Israel meltdown (276 shares). "Shorter version: camps at war don't like concessions," Neera Tanden suggested. And then there was this alleged time lapse of a Gaza neighborhood being flattened (2,425 shares). "Has anyone verified the exact location of this Gaza time-lapse yet?" Vocativ's Markham Nolan asked. "Lots of mentions, no specific location."

Simultaneously, Mark Leibovich wonders "What Is Chris Christie Doing in Iowa?" It's not quite what you think -- this is a post worth your click.

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