Monday's headlines to heed

In Gaza, questions of weapons and warnings arise with respect to past shelter attack, reports the New York Times (2,974 shares). National Post's Jonathan Kay concludes, "@nytimes has done a rigorous inquiry into Israel's 7/30 shelling of a UN school. Prelim results look bad for Israel."

Also at the Times, Steven Erlanger investigates how Israel declared a partial cease-fire today, then struck, killing a girl (2,375 shares). Al-Monitor's Laura Rozen adds, "for moment, Israel has decided not to negotiate; a senior US diplomat who came to Cairo for the talks has left."

At CNNSanjay Gupta and Danielle Dellorto divulge that a secret serum likely saved Ebola patients (3,451 shares). "Experimental ≠ secret," ReutersAndrew Seaman reminds everyone. Meanwhile, The Street's Adam Feuerstein has this takeaway: "If this CNN story is true, dump your $TKMR b/c Mapp Biopharma has effective Ebola therapy."

Plus, the Associated Press finds that the US sent Latin youth undercover in anti-Cuba ploy (624 shares). The New Republic's Ryan Kearney sums it up, "Job description: Foment rebellion in Cuba. Pay: $5.41/hour." 


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