In politics and poo

First, for the poo: we acknowledge that this is most likely a hoax, but we can hardly resist sharing that video of a bird pooping on Vladimir Putin in the middle of a speech (410 shares). "Whoa, if poo," Daily Mail's Jon Eiseman quips.

A scoop by Politico reveals a powerhouse GOP group snared in money scheme (400 shares). "RSLC, big-money GOP outside group, may have engaged in a criminal finance scheme, according to an internal report," author Alex Burns explains.

The New York Daily News boasts an exclusive that finds racial disparities in summons for minor violations in "broken windows" policing (690 shares). "Send more cops to high-crime neighborhoods, get more summonses in those neighborhoods. That simple?" wonders Josh Greenman at that newsroom.

Contrast that state of affairs with this breaking news from the Hamptons police blotter (380 shares). But, wait: "Sadly perfect egg salad caper is fake. Still want perf egg salad tho," Buzzfeed's Adrian Carrasquillo admits.

And finally, NYT's David Carr takes a look inside Glenn Greenwald’s mountaintop home office (1,766 shares). Spoiler alert: There are apparently a lot of dogs.

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