Media menagerie

At the top of today's media news is NYT's report that Jason Rezaian of the Washington Post and his wife are still being held (102 shares). "The arrest of the WP's reporter in Tehran appears to be part of a power struggle -- and just bad," Times' Joe Kahn observes. "Jason Rezaian knew he was being watched. A man on a motorcycle had been following him and his wife for weeks," Al-Monitor's Laura Rozen further details.

NBC reveals that although Edward Snowden's temporary asylum expired Aug. 1 after a year's stay, he now has permission to stay in Russia for three years, according to his lawyer (680 shares). "But what will he eat?" wonders WSJ's Matina Stevis.

Now you can sign up for Red Box, a round-up of political news and polling from YouGov (44 shares). "I'm back on political beat. Sign up for our free daily email. Me during week @shippersunbound on sun starts soon," tweets Philip Webster for The Times.

And if you thought it was bad when CNN confused Nigeria with Niger earlier this week, just wait: the Africa geographical snafus continue. Foreign Policy Magazine's David Kenner just shared this twitpic under the caption "Everything about this picture is amazing." CBC's Anthony Germain remarks, "This is (definitely) CNN."

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