Politics here and abroad

An unlikely alliance between Israel and Egypt has heightened tension in Gaza, WSJ posits (1,596 shares). "This morning's must read: how Egypt & Israel became secret BFFs, squeezed Hamas, froze out US, & made war more likely," summarizes Eric Umansky at ProPublica

Meanwhile, the NYT wonders, "Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived?" (1,071 shares). It's a quirky piece with more than a couple amusing analogies. "Yes, by all means, compare libertarians to grunge bands. That'll get the kidz snapchatting in the voting booth," muses Greg Otto at FedScoop.com.

And in Bloomberg Businessweek, they profiled Argentina's vulture Paul Singer and his status as a "Wall Street Freedom Fighter" (171 shares). "Haven't seen any Argentines I follow tweet @KatiaPorzo and @maxabelson's superb Singer piece. Shame on my people!" laments Bloomberg's Rodrigo Orihuela.

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