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Yesterday's question asked: After Congress agreed to fund an additional secretary, who became the first press secretary, as appointed by Hoover? There was some understandable debate about this, but given the context of the question, there's one answer we were looking for: George Edward Akerson! While Akerson did not receive the formal title of "press secretary," he was the first officially added to the payroll and was designated to speak on behalf of the president. Theodore Joslin was Akerson's successor. Steve Early was the first to receive the official title, but under FDR, not Hoover.

Congratulations to freelance journalist Annie M. Dance for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to Edward TennerHollywood HighlandsClaudine Laforce, and Marty Ray for getting that right as well. We also want to make special mention, however, of Ron HarrisKen WalkerJohn WallIrene DeBlasioElaina JohnsCarrie Gray, and Anna Tarkov, for all arguing convincingly in favor of Early!

As for today's question, here it is, and we'll keep it a bit simpler this time: Which president famously penned a speech asking media to refrain from reporting material sensitive to national security, and what was the title of the speech?

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