Lee departs Bloomberg for Re/code, as Li gets promoted to EIC

Bloomberg's Edmund Lee is off to join the independent tech site Re/code, where he will be managing editor. He has been a media reporter with Bloomberg since 2011. That means Re/code's most recent managing editor Kenneth Li has been promoted to editor-in-chief.

"Had a blast at @bloombergnews as their media reporter, but I am moving on," Lee recently tweeted. "I'll be joining @Recode in September as managing editor. Can't wait to work with such a hugely talented team."

"Welcome aboard @edmundlee !" Li replies. "No, @karaswisher didn't swap one thin asian male for another. Added another. My title changes to editor in chief."

"As @kenli729 and @edmundlee have joined forces at @Recode, I'd like to announce my new name is Arik Lee," joked colleague Arik Hesseldahl.

Co-executive editor Kara Swisher chimed in, "we have now officially met our quota of people named Lee, Li or Lia."

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