Well, what do you know ...

As it turns out, photos taken by a monkey can't be copyrighted (2,116 shares). That's according to the U.S. Copyright Office, who just settled that monkey selfie kerfluffle between Wikimedia and photographer David Slater. "Glad that's sorted: US Copyright Office will not copyright photos taken by monkeys or gods," comes the sarcastic tweet from freelancer Steve Silberman.

Here's another thing sorted: a London landlord has been fined for renting flat that could only be entered on all fours, reports Guardian's Emma Lunn (482 shares). "... ON ALL FOURS," colleague Jonathan Haynes echoes in disbelief.

Take heart: CJR has the good news that trolls actually make for good clickbait (122 shares). "@LeneBechS makes great points about the interdependence of media & web trolls," Kira Goldenberg concludes. Also from CJR: an analysis of the media's growing interest in how animals think (103 shares). "Narpolectic poodles," succinctly summarized Nicole Levy of Capital New York.

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