Featured journalist: Kati Pohjanpalo

Today we are delighted introduce to you Kati Pohjanpalo, Helsinki Bureau Chief with Bloomberg News. A follower of equity and bond markets and a doorstepper of policy makers, Pohjanpalo ensures Bloomberg subscribers "get the news they need out of Finland." She got her start, however, covering the European Central Bank's monetary policy as a wire-service stringer. "It was a fairly high-stakes job for learning the ropes," she notes. When asked why she became a journalist, Pohjanpalo writes, "I am endlessly interested in new things and I have a fairly short attention span." As for advice for aspiring journalists, she had this to say: "Develop your news judgement, focus on the surprise. Study some aspect of society, like economics, politics, bonds, in addition to journalism." Fun fact: her last name means northern lights. Stop by Pohjanpalo's Muck Rack portfolio for some of her latest work, starting with "Finns Mourn Loss of Icon Nokia as Microsoft Takes Over" (407 shares) and "Bitcoin Becomes Commodity in Finland After Failing Currency Test" (1,280 shares).

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