Reports from Ferguson

Buzzfeed's Adam Serwer summarizes 80 Years Of Fergusons (1,365 shares) in writing, "The recipe for urban riots since 1935 is remarkably consistent and the ingredients are almost always the same: An impoverished and politically disempowered black population refused full American citizenship, a heavy-handed and overwhelmingly white police force, a generous amount of neglect, and frequently, the loss of black life at the hands of the police. Yet we’re always surprised at what they cook up." "Intriguing essay by @AdamSerwer of @BuzzFeed - why violent black protest has worked historically." 

Meanwhile, NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan responds to the backlash to reporter John Eligon's ill-chosen phrase ‘no angel' and the storm of protest it ignited (2,658 shares). "@jeligon is a remarkable journalist (+friend and mentor, for transparency's sake). His openness here is admirable," Breaking NewsAaron Edwards surmises.

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