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Aug 29, 2014

ProPublica just reminded us we're losing ground--to rising sea levels (8,276 shares). "Wow. Louisiana is losing a football field of land every 16 minutes -- to the sea. Beautiful project," Heidi Moore praises from Guardian US. "Coastal erosion could cost the US 50% of its refining capacity, plus pipelines and services for 20% of its crude," Ed Crooks notes at the Financial Times

Foreign Policy blasts out a headline guaranteed to chill your bones: "Found: The Islamic State's Terror Laptop of Doom" (7,774 shares). "Getting chills reading this amazing piece by friends @jenanmousa + @HaraldDoornbos on ISIS laptop retrieves in Syria," New York TimesRukmini Callimachi admits. VICE's Danny Gold quips, "nothing to worry about here, just ideas on how to weaponize the bubonic plague."

Relatedly, the UK's terrorist threat level has been raised to 'severe', the BBC quotes Homeland Secretary Theresa May as saying (1,443 shares). And NYT's reports that the U.S. has identified American citizens joining the rebels in Syria (2,095 shares). Freelance journalist Sonia Paul notes, "More, younger Americans joining #ISIS. So much they're now recruiting foreign women as jihadist wives." But ReutersNoah Barkin couldn't help but reflect, "Oddly and with no apparent irony @nytimes says revelations #ISIS waterboarded hostages have hurt its reputation."

Finally, Science Magazine as well as several other publications have been lamenting Ebola's heavy toll on a recent study's authors (3,433 shares). 5 co-authors for the Science study have died from the disease. Financial Mail's Tim Cohen concludes, "The sheer guts of African doctors, who could work anywhere in the world, is one of the unsung arias of humanity." Well said.

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