Media mash-up

The Guardian scoffs, Surely the Daily Mail can’t be cirrus with its iCloud explanation (5,606 shares), and yes, we see what you did there, Guardian. "Daily Mail informs readers iCloud is not an actual cloud," the Guardian's Twitter account reveals. Well, thank goodness someone explained that to us. "Big, if true," jokes NYT's Neil Irwin.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post says ESPN's Adam Schefter is an NFL reporting machine (939 shares). "Want to be the best? Start by taking just 4 days of vacay over 7 years. Great profile of @AdamSchefter  by @RickMaese," WaPo's Matt McFarland concludes. "The scoop-gettingest reporter covering the NFL, Adam Schefter, attended **zero ** games last year," marvels Matt Pearce at the LA Times.

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