The Ravens and Rice saga continues

Janay Rice has allegedly posted a statement to her Instagram page, and it's a heart-rending message in defense of her husband Ray. "The apparent statement by Janay Rice is heartbreaking on so many levels. With a kicker sending love to RavensNation," ESPN's Don Van Natta reflects. "The other side of the #RayRice story: Wife Janay posts statement on Instagram: Says they are living a nightmare," Joel Smith shares at CBS 21 NewsAaron Wilson at the Baltimore Sun writes at greater length on the development in Janay Rice breaks her silence (2,955 shares). "Janay Rice is quite upset… with everyone except Ray Rice," National Review's Jim Geraghty observes. CBS Washington further reveals that the longer Ray Rice video features obscenities and spitting (2,155 shares).

Meanwhile, The New Yorker's Amy Davidson analyzes what the Ray Rice video really shows (13,946 shares). "What did people think it looked like when a football player knocked out a much smaller woman? Like a fair fight?" Davidson writes. In a similar vein, TMZ posts "NFL Commish in the Dark ... By Choice?" (4,596 shares). "The latest from TMZ shows @nflcommish either deceived or conspired to ignore damning video. Resign, Rog," sports radio host John P. Lopez concludes.

Keith Olbermann seems to agree, calling Roger Goodell "an enabler of men who beat women" (9,246 shares). And if Goodell were to resign, the Washington Post wants to know: could Condoleezza Rice be "the one person who could save the NFL?" (2,054 shares). "The NFL’s cure to Ray Rice: Condi Rice," author Jonathan Capehart tweets.

And in the midst of all this, WaPo's Erik Wemple points out that Fox & Friends may have hit a new low: joking about the Ray Rice elevator assault (7,029 shares). "Garbage has taken human form, has a terrible TV show," the Post's Mark Berman summarizes.

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