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Incredibly enough and defying all laws on tastefulness and respect, Urban Outfitters is selling a "Vintage" blood-spattered Kent State sweatshirt (1,341 shares). "My two-pronged bias against @UrbanOutfitters red-stained KSU shirt: I'm '79 Kent State grad -- & a human being," columnist Connie Schultz points out.

Also, Twitter was awash with disbelief when the “Miss America” broadcast failed English Literature 101 by misspelling Jane Austen's surname (385 shares). Promptly, every girl ever's head exploded.

Plus, CJR reminds us to keep calm and write a headline worth reading (681 shares). "One of the best hed writers in the biz -- @michaeldrisc -- on the state of the art," WSJ's Tim Annett praises.

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