#MuckedUp chat: Reporting on Guantanamo from a "front-row seat"

Sep 15, 2014
#MuckedUp chat: Reporting on Guantanamo from a "front-row seat"

Although at times it may feel as if Guantánamo has always existed, the U.S. military prison did have a start date: it was established as a holding place for detainees just this side of the 21st century in 2002. During these 12 years in the limelight, the camp somehow has remained stubbornly shrouded in secrecy, even as its reputation was tarnished by reports of abuse and torture. Still, the prison's veneer would be even more impenetrable were it not for the ongoing efforts persistent members of the media. Moreover, as soldiers have rotated in and out and lawyers have come and gone over the years, one journalist in particular has remained constant: Carol Rosenberg, Guantánamo reporter for the Miami Herald. The duration of her experience as well as her deft, intuitive style are just two factors that have made Rosenberg someone whom many consider the definitive authority on this enigmatic and contentious beat.

Which is why we couldn't be more ecstatic to welcome her as our guest journalist to Tuesday's unprecedented #MuckedUp twitterchat, when she will be tweeting us directly from Guantánamo. As a journalist with a "front-row seat at history unfolding," Rosenberg has covered the prison and related controversies longer than any journalist -- from the arrival of the very first prisoners on Jan. 11, 2002 all the way through the present. The former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe has called her "the dean of the Guantánamo press corps," and she's spoken on Guantánamo at Columbia Journalism School, Yale Law School, Stanford University and before the New York City Bar Association. She has also served as The Herald’s Middle East correspondent, Washington correspondent, Foreign Affairs writer and Military Affairs correspondent since joining its staff in 1990. In addition to Guantánamo, Rosenberg has covered the last days of the Saddam Hussein regime in Baghdad, the federal raid that took the Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from his relatives' house in Miami and returned him to Cuba, and the earliest days of Palestinian statehood in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Don't miss this opportunity to tweet with this exemplary journalist and fount of information. Join us on Twitter on Tuesday, Sept. 16, at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST, simply by following the #MuckedUp hashtag, because it should be an unforgettable and priceless twitterchat.

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