Political tensions mount here and across the pond

With only one day left until Scots cast their votes, BuzzFeed's Tom Phillips is all over this #indyref business with 9 charts that show how the UK would change without Scotland (495 shares). "This Buzzfeed on life With Scotland/Without Scotland is pretty fun. Love the slidey thing," Lisa O'Carroll admits at The Guardian.

In another offering from the Big Bad Buzz, Siraj Datoo says he went to watch 77 people get "Yes Scotland" tattoos in name of independence (173 shares). "Kirkcaldy may be the hometown of Gordon Brown, but the queue was around the block. It didn’t quite reach the sea," Datoo writes. "SCOTTISH INK-DEPENDENCE," colleague Francis Whittaker announces.

Still, that didn't deter Gordon Brown from offering his "Better Together" speech, which is making waves just a day before the Scottish referendum (9,899 shares). "Brilliant Gordon Brown speech (and the lady in blue behind is quite foxy). Definitely voting No now," The Sun's Tom Thorogood claims. "Quite frankly the best speech I've ever heard from Gordon Brown. If you're undecided in the #indyref please watch it," entreats John Prescott with the Daily Mirror.

In the meantime, The Guardian has launched this helpful web site that answers in real-time: Are the Scots independent yet? (708 shares) And speaking of media, some of the mud-slinging between papers has gotten a little ugly: "#PrivateEye reveals that @AlanCochraneSez has a #indyref bonus if it is a No," Gerry Hassan tweets. The Telegraph's Alan Cochrane responds, "I seem to have made the pages of the new edition of Private Eye! That's nice."

Meanwhile in America, President Barack Obama isn't doing so well politically: the New York Times reports a new poll finds G.O.P. gaining strength and Obama getting low marks (633 shares). "Maybe days of consistently high polling presidents over. Too much skepticism?" Toronto Star's Judith Timson suggests.

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