BBC News accuses Russia of media intimidation

In the latest news out of that region, BBC News claims its team came under attack in southern Russia (1,661 shares). The team had been investigating near Ukraine's border when they reportedly were ambushed, the team's cameraman beaten up, a camera smashed, and recorded material left in the car deleted. The BBC has lodged a formal protest with Russia over the incident and called for an investigation, and here is their statement on intimidation in Russia (230 shares). "The attack on our staff, and the destruction of their equipment and recordings, were clearly part of a co-ordinated attempt to stop accredited news journalists reporting a legitimate news story. We deplore this act of violence against our journalists and call on the Russian authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and to condemn the assault on our staff," the BBC statement reads.

The legitimate news story in question, in case you were wondering, was the forgotten death of a Russian soldier (733 shares). "Brilliant report by BBCs Steve Rosenberg on Russian authorities cover up of their soldiers' deaths in Ukraine," tweeted former NPR and BBC correspondent Louisa Lim. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. "We are safe and sound now. But this was a disturbing day for us in southern Russia," Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg admits.

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