Featured journalist: Ruqaiyah Najjar

We'll end the week on a high note by highlighting the work of Ruqaiyah Najjar, Guest Producer with CCTV America. Armed with a well-developed rolodex of over 10,000 contacts including Heads of State, scientists, and Fortune 500 CEOs, Najjar's broadcast coverage includes everything from political protests in Iran to the state of industrial farming. To aspiring journalists, she advises, "Don't take no for an answer. The 'no's' don't matter. There is a yes and one yes is all you need to keep going." As for how social media is changing news, Najjar explains, "social media is not affected by oceans and mountains. Gaza connects with Ferguson, the world is brought together. Hearts are closer." Also, her favorite fictional journalist is Sloan Sabbith from The Newsroom, which we thought was an excellent choice.

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