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Freshly returned from Hawaii, Chris Moody tells us "what I learned surfing with the first Hindu congresswoman" (122 shares). Roll Call's Emily Cahn adds, "In which every reporter is throwing shade @moody for getting to go to Hawaii for a reporting trip." WaPo's Aaron Blake admits, "1) I dislike @moody very much right now. 2) He seems to be a pretty decent surfer."

Meanwhile, New York TimesJason Horowitz didn't get to go to a tropical island for his story, but it's just as interesting of a read: Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s ex-president plots return from Williamsburg, Brooklyn (325 shares). "Was going to make a Smorgasburg joke here, but it’s literally the third word of the story," The Atlantic's Dashiell Bennett jokes. 

Meanwhile, Independent's Christopher Hooton notices there is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue (3,810 shares). Or maybe things are not what they seem: "this is all part of my plan, to ban men by making them wait forever in an iphone line," New York Magazine's Jessica Roy reveals.

Finally, Financial Times' Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson writes on the invasion of corporate news (316 shares). Colleague Tony Tassell praises, "The blurring lines between journalism and PR - deft big read by @Edgecliffe."

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