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Sep 22, 2014

The New York TimesFirst Draft debut is a doozy (253 shares), if just for the fact that this inaugural offering reveals who made that inappropriate remark to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. "In the inaugural edition of NYT First Draft, we find out that Sen Inouye was all about that bass, no treble," NYT's Matt Apuzzo brilliantly summarizes. "So reason Gillibrand didn't name names is because the offender is ... dead and couldn't defend himself, we presume," Mark Murray guesses at NBC News.

Also at the Times, John Schwartz reports that the Rockefeller oil fortune heirs will join the divestment drive, effectively abandoning fossil fuels (20,662 shares). "The divestment movement grows: Even the Rockefellers, heirs of Standard Oil, are moving out of fossil fuel stocks," Schwartz elaborates.

In an exclusive from Politico's Rachael Bade, IRS scandal scapegoat Lois Lerner breaks her silence (1,940 shares).  "Wouldn't spill on role in targeting but did on her life," Bade notes. And by the way, "Lois Lerner has a favorite piece of hate mail," Kay Steiger notices at Talking Points Memo

NYT reporters David Sanger and William J. Broad are hot on the trail of the story that the U.S. is ramping up a major renewal in nuclear arms (2,931 shares). "After campaigning for 'a nuclear-free world,' Obama commits US to spend up to $1 trillion rebuilding nuclear weapons," Corbin Hiar points out at SNL Financial. "No. 42,326 in the series, Obama the idealist candidate does the exact opposite as president," journalist Stuart Millar observes. 

Also, scientists are reporting a global rise in greenhouse gas emissions (6,131 shares). "Also, the fence-jumper's desire to tell POTUS that the 'atmosphere is collapsing' is maybe kinda not totally crazy," Washington Post's Dan Zak reflects.

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