U.S. and allies return to the fray

Today's top story is clearly the one where U.S. and allies hit ISIS targets in Syria early this morning (New York Times20,479 shares). "Making good on promise to bomb Syria, @BarackObama and US military assisted by 5 regional nations. Huge event. Good," CNBC's Larry Kudlow responds to the news. Business Standard's Ajai Shukla had a different take: "Freshly showered, the US steps right back into the cesspool."

Here is haunting video of the USS Philippine Sea launching Tomahawk land attack missiles to combat ISIL (2,006 shares). "War in the age of GoPro and social media: what's the impact?" Martha MacCallum asks at Fox News. Furthermore, NYT relays that 5 Arab Countries reportedly took part in the airstrikes: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain (2,197 shares). Bloomberg explains that the Pentagon cites signs of an "imminent attack" by the militant Khorasan Group on the U.S. as the impetus for prompting the airstrikes (138 shares).

In the meantime, the Columbia Journalism Review analyzes the war of words between the Obama administration and the press (321 shares) as well as the disagreement between journalists and scholars on how much Islam, rather than politics and power, drives Muslim extremists (112 shares).

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