Fumbles and foibles in the media

The New York Post smells a cover-up! Evidently the groundhog dropped by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Groundhog's Day this year died a week later (4,538 shares)."As news of his alleged groundhog murder breaks, @BilldeBlasio not in US... Coincidence, or is he on the lam?" wonders Thornton McEnery at Crain's New York Business. "We need to keep Mayor de Blasio and Santa as far as possible from each other," Daily Beast's Scott Bixby warns.

Almost as disturbing, a Fox News host dubbed the female fighter pilot who bombed ISIL "Boobs On The Ground" (1,228 shares). Yeah. That really happened. "I'm now convinced that Fox is actively trying to be sexist and racist all the time just so ppl will blog about them," Business Insider's Pamela Engel announces. "I just can't get over the assholery here," Erin Bried admits at Self Magazine. Understandably so.

In other breaking media news, here's ESPN's statement (2,434 shares) on popular commentator Bill Simmons' three-week suspension for calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a liar during a recent podcast. "Admittedly botched domestic violence suspension: 2 weeks. Talking about person who botched it: 3 weeks. Of course," regional sports editor Steve Feitl notes at the Asbury Park Press.

Finally, Capital New York's Joe Pompeo writes semi-ominously about "cleaning up" at The New York Times Magazine (55 shares). "The Times Magazine will replace the great 'one-page magazine' with some dumb essay," WaPo's Philip Bump harumphs.

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