Hong Kong's hands go up in protest

Schools are shuttered, banks are closed and travel has been disrupted as Hong Kong's "Occupy Central" protests continue. Residents of China's semi-autonomous territory have been demanding free elections, but some of the pro-democracy demonstrators came face-to-face with fire tear-gas canisters and riot police. Many had only umbrellas to fend off the fumes, which explains why no one is allowed to say "Hong Kong Police" Or "Umbrella" In China todayNYT's Louisa Lim writes of how her childhood home became a battleground overnight as children do their homework in the streets. "My op ed in the New York Times: Hong Kong people!" Lim tweets. Here's Wall Street Journal's live blog on the Occupy Central protests (5,485 shares) as well as South China Morning Post's live coverage (9,407 shares).

There is one matter dividing Western media, however: Vox claims Hong Kong's protesters are using the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture from Ferguson (11,502 shares) but Quartz questions whether demonstrators have simply unwittingly united themselves with that protest movement 8,000 miles away (1,042 shares). "Hands up, don’t shoot” in #Ferguson ≠ people holding their hands up for#OccupyCentral in Hong Kong," Mashable's Megan Hess insists. Still, it has clearly resonated with Americans who recognize something of our own struggles in the symbolism of this gesture. "Hands up, don’t shoot — Hong Kong edition," Matthew Yglesias remarks.

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