Question of the Day

Friday's question asked: While we're talking columns, who received the very first Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for daily column-writing, specifically? That would be William A. Caldwell of The Record, who won in 1971 "for his commentary in his daily column."  Although Marquis W. Childs of St. Louis Post-Dispatch did win the very first Pulitzer for commentary, we were looking for the one who earned it for daily column-writing!

Congratulations to Mike Mikaelian for being the very first to answer both correctly! Honorable mentions go to Craig PittmanMartha FilipicMatthew DelmanHollywood HighlandsAnnie M. DanceKen Walker, and Amy Zipkin for getting that right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: This African dictator started off as a journalist before he began a path to corruption, nepotism, embezzlement and the renaming of the country Zaire. What was his name, and for which publication did he write? Be sure to answer both parts!

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