Politics here and abroad

In the U.S. we learn from the New York Times' Mark Leibovich that Mitt isn’t ready to call it quits (713 social shares). "The first 2 grafs here are exactly how I imagine Mitt living normal life: yankee swaps & complaining about geese poo," Catherine Thompson confesses from Talking Points Memo. Others were also especially struck by the first two paragraphs. "These first two paragraphs, that settles it. Mitt Romney is a robot programmed by 1950s TV shows on how to act human," USA Today's Ben Fowlkes concludes. "Excellent profile of Romney by @MarkLeibovich reveals, among many things, the candidate has seen 'Dumb and Dumber,'" journalist Brian Abrams notices.

Meanwhile, NYT's Peter Eavis and James Stewart revisit the Lehman Brothers bailout that never was (1,246 shares). "Nice to hear that Congress reacted to the financial crisis by ensuring that the next one will be worse," Ron Charles bemoans.

And abroad, pictures keep pouring in of the Occupy Hong Kong protests. "'A storm is coming' an incredible photo from @LamYikFei," David Wyllie praises at NBC News.

Last but not least, an unusual Washington Post Op-Ed trumpets a renewed U.S.-India partnership for the 21st century (3,321 shares). "Unprecedented joint op-ed by @BarackObama and @PMOIndia in today's @washingtonpost," Steve Herman bills it at Voice of America.

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