Headlines to heed and ledes to read

"The phone booths are tracking us. You read that correctly," warns ProPublica's Ryan Gabrielson, and he's right. A Buzzfeed exclusive tells us the disturbing news that hundreds of devices are hidden inside New York City phone booths and they're helping to track our every move (1,285 shares). "Data god @jsvine and humble idiot me found out 100s of secret tracking devices have been installed in NY phone booths," FWD deputy editor Joe Bernstein explains. On the bright side: "In other news, New York City still has phone booths," Dan Hirschhorn observes at Time.

In other scoops, Capital New York's Scott Waldman reveals that the Cuomo administration edited and delayed a key fracking study (327 shares). "Our wake-up scoop: See how the Cuomo administration edited a #fracking study written by the USGS," colleague Jimmy Vielkind helpfully tweets.

Pivoting to finance news, the Wall Street Journal reports that Hewlett-Packard Plans to Break in Two (5,346 shares). The Courier-Mail's Jen Dudley-Nicholson asks the question on everyone's mind: "Now just H and P?" Here's the New York Times' take on that, too (2,575 shares).

In the latest Ebola developments, the NY Times brings to light that help was nearby for disease victims in Sierra Leone, but it was tragically delayed on the docks (1,918 shares). "Latest killer in the Ebola outbreak: red tape," NYT's Lydia Polgreen reflects, which might be the saddest tweet we read all day.

And ending on a much more positive note, John O'Keefe, May-Britt and Edvard Moser have been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for in Physiology or Medicine (2,111 retweets).

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