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"Gay marriage coming to the South! Take that, ghost of Jesse Helms," crows Katey Rich at Vanity Fair. Even if you were sleeping--under a rock--you couldn't possibly have missed the breaking news that the Supreme Court Justices just cleared the way for gay marriage in five different states simply by denying those states' remaining appeals against it (66,204 shares, New York Times). Well, welcome to the club, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin! Still: "Hard not to be disappointed that SCOTUS wants to delay, maybe even dodge, that Brown v. Board moment for LGBT rights," The Atlantic's Matt Ford points out.

Elsewhere on the political beat, Politico warns that Republicans are bracing for a 2016 free-for-all, because "despite the national party’s best efforts, the likelihood of a bloody primary process remains as strong as ever" (394 shares). "Fewer debates means they're attacking each other now," Bloomberg's Anne Cronin notes. Boston Magazine's David Bernstein also wonders, "Where the womens at?" Good question.

And while we're speaking of the government, recent Buzzfeed hire and Pulitzer-winner Chris Hamby has a new scoop on how the government set up a fake Facebook page in this woman’s name (6,732 shares). "DEA created phony @Facebook page in woman's name, posted racy photos from her seized cell phone. Gov't says that's OK," Trevor Aaronson mulls it over at the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting.

One last political note: Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin explores the new dynamics of protecting a president, where kost threats against President Obama are issued online (151 shares).

Now for non-political but equally breaking news. TMZ has broken another deeply discomfiting story that will not be easy for anyone to relay: "7th Heaven" dad Stephen Collins allegedly has confessed on tape to child molestation as the NYPD investigates (14,463 shares and counting). Jesse Taylor sums it all up: "Well, the dad from 7th Heaven may be a child molester, so everything is officially the worst."

Better breaking news: the 2014 Nobel physics prize goes to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura (4,716 retweets).

And finally: "It's happening," VICE's Abby Ellis announces, sharing this twitpic. Yes, it's true. CNN finally went all the way and compared Ebola to ISIS. "Why won't peace-loving biological agents condemn this vicious disease?" Foreign Policy's David Kenner demands. "I knew it! Ebola is Muslim. Well I give up. I guess Sam Harris is right after all," tweets author Reza Aslan, to the delight and retweets of many. Perhaps the Chyron writer had better attend our tweetchat tonight on how to (not) treat Muslims in the news?

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