Powwows in the press

"So, Who Is Running Our Ello Account?The Atlantic wanted to know. (903 shares) Everybody's hopping on the new social site Ello, and as with every new social media craze, most outlets are in a hurry to join so they can be considered early adopters. Just one problem: no one at Atlantic knew who was running theirs. "Who the hello is running our Ello?" David Graham demanded. "Are you running The Atlantic's Ello account? Please email me," entreated Matt Ford (you know, The Atlantic's actual social media editor). "Altruistic Hacking?" The Guardian's Jonathan Franklin wondered, adding, "Atlantic wants to know who launched Ello account in their name and why are they so competent." At BuzzFeedCharlie Warzel could not have been more amused: "ahahaha this is amazing. please never tell and just keep doing a great job."

Sorry, Charlie, the cat's been smoked out of the bag--and it turns out it wasn't anyone at Atlantic, after all. "Um hi. No grudges?" 22-year-old Kunal Basu-Dutta emerges from the woodwork to tweet. We hope this fun fable ends with The Atlantic rewarding him with a gig!

In even bigger surprises, Twitter news head Vivian Schiller is out (368 shares). Speculation runs rampant.

Brilliantly, The Guardian decided to hold a live Q&A with three Ebola survivors under the banner of the hashtag (661 shares). Some one give their digital team a raise.

Evidently NBC News wanted Jon Stewart to anchor Meet the Press (are we actually shocked by this suggestion, though?). "Jon Stewart as host of Meet the Press: show would have been 1000x more interesting/but Stewart 1/1000 as entertaining," freelance journalist John McQuaid surmised. Too bad Colbert isn't available, either, eh?

Also, when it comes to covering breaking news in gay marriage, Bloomberg News noticed that newspapers seem to prefer photos of lesbians on their front pages (1,710 shares). What's up with that, newspapers?

Speaking of photos, please enjoy this AP snapshot of Vice President Joe Biden eating ice cream. Everyone seems really excited about that right now.

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