Desjardins earns a new start at PBS

Lisa Desjardins has found a new home with PBS NewsHour, and who wouldn't be happy for her? Now a politics reporter and editor for the nightly news magazine with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, Desjardins recently earned the respect and affection of many a journalist when she (good-naturedly) filmed her departure from CNN after a round of painful layoffs. Desjardins was CNN's Capitol Hill reporter and correspondent at the time.

"NEWS: Starting next week I’ll be the new Political Reporter and Editor for @NewsHour. Now so glad I got laid off," Desjardins shared on Twitter.

"Do you think @LisaDNews is excited about joining @NewsHour as we are to have her?" executive producer Sara Just wondered, sharing a new video (!).

"Every best wish to @LisaDNews for success at PBS; great platform for her storytelling," chimed in White House journalist Paul Brandus.

"We're kinda excited @NewsHour that the great @LisaDNews is climbing aboard. Welcome!" Ifill added her tweet to the many others.

"Thank you! Me too. (Um. @gwenifill!)" Desjardins replied.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving journo.

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