Featured journalist: Rachel Rodriguez

Today's featured journalist is Rachel RodriguezCNN writer/producer for iReport and social media. Now based in London, she first got her start in journalism as an intern at NPR in D.C. Seeing as she's a social media specialist, you might like to know the tabs Rodriguez always has open: Tweetdeck, Photoshop, Evernote, Facebook, Reddit, Topsy, Dataminr, CNN's in-house CMS and (of course) Spotify. Her favorite social media sites, however, are Tumblr (because it represents "people coming together based on shared passions") and Medium (because of its "gorgeous design for longer reads"). Definitely check out Rodriguez's Muck Rack portfolio, featuring such popular posts as "13 stories we can't forget: The year of the personal essay" (which garnered an amazing 2,745 shares) and "50 years after King, hidden racism lives on" (which boasts an even more impressive 9,929 shares).

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