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"#ISIS executes #Kurdish journalist Muhanad Akidi today. Lets show him the same love we showed for Western journalists," Pakistan correspondent Abdulhaq Omeri entreated early this morning. Akidi reportedly was kidnapped by ISIL two months ago in Mosul, and the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party confirmed his execution today. We grieve for another life lost in pursuit of the truth.

We've also learned that Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis's refusal to run for mayor is because she has a brain tumor. "News of Karen Lewis' brain tumor is extremely upsetting; that she won't now run for mayor is less so. A luta continua," tweets Gary Younge with The Guardian and The Nation

Also in politics: no matter what, we just can’t quit Mitt, Washington Post's Robert Costa and Philip Rucker remind us (11,912 shares). As for what to call this phenomenon, WaPo's Chris Cillizza suggests, "Mitt-mentum?" In the meantime, wife Ann Romney is launching a new center to study neurological diseases (759 shares). "The most important Romney news from the past year," predicts Sam Stein with the Huffington Post.

The Next Web's Owen Williams drops the bomb that hundreds of Dropbox passwords leak online in an alleged hack (5,146 shares)--wait, but is it a hack, or isn't it? "Dropbox says that they *were not hacked* and the passwords came from third party services," Williams later updates us. "Time to change your dropbox password and enable two-step verification," The Atlantic's Adrienne LaFrance wisely advises.

Also trending high on Twitter: the image of Dr. Cornel West being arrested in Ferguson.

In Ebola developments, NBC News reports that the disease has killed a United Nations medic at a hospital in Leipzig, Germany, even as freelance journalist Ashoka Mukpo reports he's feeling better (850 shares).

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