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Yesterday's question asked: Seeing as the economics prize winner was just announced today, who was the economics winner who had to split his $1 million prize with his ex-wife? And why? Be sure to answer both parts to receive credit! Robert Lucas won the1995 Nobel Prize in Economics but had to split his $1 million prize with his former spouse. The onetime Mrs. Lucas had the foresight to request a clause in their divorce settlement that stated: "Wife shall receive 50 percent of any Nobel Prize." Incredibly, that clause was slated to expire on October 31, 1995, which means that had Lucas won even just a year later, he could have kept the entire prize for himself.

Congratulations to Jeanne Kirk for being the very first to answer both correctly! Honorable mentions belong to Craig PittmanCharlotte TomicHollywood HighlandsKen WalkerAmy Zipkin and Francis Hinchey for also answering correctly.

As for today's question, here it is, continuing with the Nobel theme and with thanks to Francis Hinchey for submitting it: Name the first person to share or win two Nobel prizes. Also, what other "first" did this win represent?

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