The Vine looped 'round the world

"Fox News gonna cover this for a week," warns popular tweeter Desus, and we fear that's true. There are so many stories that deserve top billing in today's Daily, but with 105,000 shares and counting, the overwhelming response to this FLOTUS Vine cannot--nay, will not--be denied (also, we apologize to our dear readers who do not enjoy a good gif, but it begged inclusion)! In response to an Obama personator's challenge, First Lady Michelle Obama asks, "Turnip for what?" and dances to the beat of DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What." And yes, this is real life.

As might be expected, Journalist Twitter went wild.

"This will be my pinned tweet indefinitely," announces Washington Post's Wesley Lowery. "Please stop tweeting about anything other than turnips," National Journal's Alex Roarty demands of colleague Shane Goldmacher. "Can't. Stop. Watching," tweets the obviously mesmerized Scott Cacciola from the New York Times. "Lettuce turnip the beet, says @MichelleObama," Huffington Post's Kim Bhasin added his own riff to it. "US Secret Service fails to prevent blatant threat to Sasha and Malia's social life," historian Jack Bohrer jokes. In other current event quips: "ISIS has already lost. Turnip-wise," Globe and Mail's Cathal Kelly predicts. WashPost's Hunter Schwarz worries, "what has our democracy become."

Still, The Weekly Standard's Mark Hemingway will have none of this: "I hope the White House realizes how stupid these pop culture stunts are going to look in historical terms."

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