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Oct 16, 2014

More stunning wrinkles in the evolving Ebola saga: workers at the Dallas hospital that treated patient Thomas Eric Duncan wore no protective gear for two days while treating him, The Dallas Morning News reports (12,441 shares). "Oh god. Dallas Presbyterian is run by idiots," reckons Josh Barro of the New York Times and MSNBC. At Rolling StoneTim Dickinson advises nameless powers-that-be to "fire everyone." Los Angeles Business Journal's Matt Pressberg comes to the conclusion that "Texas is why America can't have nice things."

Consequently, it should come as no surprise that the debacle's developments are quickly spelling infamy for this hospital in question, NYT's Kevin Sack discovers (2,276 shares). Colleague Lydia Polgreen laments "Presby was known as one of the finest hospitals in Texas. After Ebola, its reputation in tatters. Great @ksacknyt." Buzzfeed's Matthew Zeitlin is enjoying something else from the article: "This is the most Dallas quote that ever Dallas'd."

But lest you think there's nothing to cheer you up about this story, we present to you the (not so) ruff life of the Ebola nurse’s dog, Bentley (4,893 shares). Take just one look at this pup, and you'll surely register the same reaction as Bunkie Perkins: "SEND ALL THE MEDICINE!" We second that. "I don't care if Bentley has Ebola – I love him," Daily Beast's Scott Bixby courageously professes.  "Where do I sign up to monitor him??" demands Ariel Cheung with the Post-Crescent. So far, little Bentley is doing just fine.

Revisiting Ferguson, we learn from Christine Byers at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that a witness has added new perspective to Michael Brown's shooting (4,755 shares). "Another witness says Michael Brown was surrendering before Darren Wilson killed him," Ray Downs details from the Riverfront Times.

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