Today's update on the Fourth Estate

All hail Shep Smith of Fox News, who offered a passionate rejoinder to "irresponsible" Ebola coverage (18,576 shares). "Stop what you're doing and watch this," CNN's Brian Stelter commands. "Hands down the most sensible ebola video I've seen (a little surprised it's from @FoxNews)," admits New York Observer's Jennifer Wright. Washington Post's Philip Bump is even more skeptical: "Shep Smith dismantles Ebola fears one by one as the ticker beneath him reiterates the details of the fears." Fair enough; it's hard not to contrast Shep's sensible stand with his colleague Megyn Kelly's accusatory drilling of the CDC's director over Ebola (7,535 shares). 

In entertainment news, Neil Patrick Harris will host the 2015 Oscars (news that boasted a blockbuster 20,185 shares). "ABOUT D%^* TIME!" reacts Jerusalem Post's Maya Shwayder, who's clearly been awaiting this moment.

The Denver Post delivers a major blow to Deadspin's popular scoop yesterday: a source now disputes the Deadspin account of U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Gardner's football career being a lie (750 shares). "Shouldn't @Deadspin reporter have called @CoryGardner before publishing?" asks Lynn Bartels.

The BBC News is launching something very cool: a WhatsApp Ebola service (260 shares).

Bad news for people trying to save a buck: New York state contends that Airbnb listings are mostly illegal (1,394 shares).

Oh, and remember that story from two days ago on Facebook/Apple offering to freeze female employees' eggs? The Onion's got a parody post for that (11,738 shares). "I was waiting for The Onion's take," Re/code's Lauren Goode admits.

Finally, here's the best news clipping you'll see all day.

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