We're all fans of Charlie Crist's fan

"This fan is all spin," quips Mark Leibovich, and of course he's talking about The Most Insane Moment In Political Debate History (21,107 shares). In an “extremely peculiar situation,” last night's forum between Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist started off as a standoff: Crist wanted to keep his fan under his podium, while Scott accused Crist of violating the "no electronics" rule for gubernatorial debate. "You really must watch this. It doesn't seem to be a parody, but who the hell knows," marvels Tom Bradby at ITV News. "Let me ask you America, did LIncoln and Douglas have electric fans?" pointedly asks Geoff Calkins of The Commercial Appeal. "Best part of #fangate is watching the moderators try to pretend both sides are being equally ridiculous," decides Marin Cogan at New York Magazine. ESPN's Royce Young asks a very good question: "Parks and Rec or real life?" 

And that's where The Atlantic's Molly Ball comes in. "Someone had to do it, so I wrote a profile of Charlie Crist's fan," Ball shrugs. "The Crist fan is a thing. Like a "here's a 900 word profile of the fan" thing. Who else to write it but @mollyesque?" asks Carrie Dann at NBC News. "OK I'll read this," Politico's Blake Hounshell relents. At the Center for Public IntegrityDave Levinthal  is calling this masterpiece "Fan non-fiction." USAToday's Paul Singer has even more fun with puns: "this is Fantastic." CNN's Jim Acosta jokes, "Is wind at his back now?" You can almost hear CBS Miami's Rick Folbaum singing when he tweets, "It's all about the fan, bout the fan."

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