The Ebola errors keep coming

"Ebola AND a cruise ship? It's like Christmas and Halloween for CNN all rolled into one," Michael Roston tweets, already winning "Best/Truest Tweet of the Day." We're talking, of course, about the gobsmacking latest news that the health worker who may have had contact with Ebola is apparently on a cruise ship right now, we kid ye not (5,059 shares). That wasn't the only ghoulish jab at CNN that this update inspired, either: "CNN on high alert for Poop Cruise sequel material," The New Republic's Brian Beutler predicts. Meanwhile, "SNL could do this week's entire show just on the bumbling of Texas Presbyterian and the CDC," editor Rachel Sklar reflects. "I'm sure all will stay calm and enjoy the buffet," LA TimesShashank Bengali tweets in a tone we presume to be facetious.

On the other end of the reaction spectrum we have Syracuse University, where they disinvited a Washington Post photographer because he returned from Liberia 3 weeks ago (612 shares). "Seriously, people? Let's get a grip," recommends Dr. Seema Yasmin at Dallas Morning News. "The student who 1st 'expressed concern' about @michelducille's Liberia travel is probably a ton of fun at parties," sneers Dan Zak, also with WaPo. 

Finally, here's your must-read/must-view concerning Ebola: New York TimesBen Solomon's look at ambulance work in Liberia, a busy and lonely business (15,722 shares). High praise from Ben McLannahan at the Financial Times: "superb @nytimes vid on Ebola. Made all the more powerful by lack of reporter blabbing away all over it." Well, that's one way to look at it, sure.

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