Monopsony, optimism and more on markets and money

Oct 20, 2014

NYT's Paul Krugman speaks out against Amazon’s monopsony, which he says is so "not OK" (2,320 shares as of this moment). Some journalists were a fan of his words, like Bloomberg's James Greiff, who tweets, "Krugman dispenses with Foer's wild Amazon monopoly claim, but rightly says it's a bad actor in the book market." Not so with others, like Ryan Avent at The Economist: "Amazon has a monopoly... Except that you can easily buy books elsewhere." Others were just especially enamored with Krugman's gumption. "Got to love a newspaper that puts the word 'monopsony' in a headline," posits Ian Katz with BBC News.

At New York MagazineKevin Roose interviewed Marc Andreessen on why optimism is the safest bet (1,410 shares). It's in-depth, enlightening and (occasionally) fiery.

Plus, Bloomberg News reports that European banks see ECB exams as the next step to unlocking southern Europe's slump in lending (140 shares).

And for your surprising scoop o' the day, the Associated Press uncovers the revelation that expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security (106 shares). Or as Frank Jordans there bills it, "Wie die USA dutzenden Nazi-Kriegsverbrechern Millionen gab um Amerika zu verlassen." (Go, go, Google Translate!)

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