The absolute latest updates on Ebola

"FINALLY SOMETHING POSITIVE IN THE WORLD!" trumpets Jacques Schwarz-Bart, who's talking about Nigeria being declared free of the virus, of course (22,367 shares) . It is good news, indeed: after six weeks with no new cases, Africa's highest populated country is garnering accolades all over the news for its rapid response to the epidemic after a Liberian diplomat brought the disease there three months ago (2,932 shares). For those keeping count, that makes two African countries freed of EbolaCNN's Holly Yan reminds everyone (3,424 shares). 

That's not the only nation doing a capital job, either: Cuba has played an impressive role in the fight against Ebola, as well, and the New York Times beseeches the U.S. government to take note (6,795 shares). "NYT Ed Board lauds Cuba for sending docs to fight Ebola, slams U.S. for poor diplo ties w/ Cuba & only pledging cash," summarizes TIME's Andrew Katz.

Contrast that with the U.S., where the fear of Ebola is closing schools and shaping politics (1,004 shares). Despite a low risk of infection, increased media tension has harmed some members of the public; for instance, "[a]fter Boston bomb, folks exposed to tons of media in 1st wk had more acute stress than people who were at marathon," NYT's Jonathan Weisman points out. "Pulling children out of school because the principal traveled to Zambia?? Come on," frustratedly tweets Danny Vinik with The New Republic. "Not a good look, Mississippi. Not a good look," The Atlantic's Chris Heller agrees.

Liberia's government officials deserve some serious side-eye from us, as well. "Though Liberia's president has said world's drs must come fight Ebola, her son is staying in the U.S.," Bloomberg's Naomi Kresge observes. And yes, that son happens to be a doctor (1,109 shares). "The continuing disconnect between what Sirleaf says (world needs 2 send doctors to Liberia) and what her family does," NYT's Rukmini Callimachi opines.

Still, on the frontlines of the disease in Monrovia, Helene Cooper courageously writes about finding resilience amid horror. "Rule of thumb: read everything the great Liberian-American journalist @helenecooper writes about her native country," Jodi Kantor recommends. Our thoughts are with you, Helene.

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