News that's gone to the dogs

Who's a good Secret Service dog?! YOU ARE. Meet Jordan and Hurricane, the Belgian Malinois K9s who nabbed the latest White House fence jumper. The guard dogs are stealing the spotlight after the latest White House fence jumping, the Washington Post reports (5,095 shares and counting!).The Secret Service Twitter account has been sharing pictures of the dogs, as well as fascinating facts, like, you know, "enjoys his Kong toy" and "enjoys walks around the White House." Meanwhile, fallen Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo's dogs seemingly wait for their master to return, and it creates too many feels to count (and too many shares, apparently, as well--94,544 as of this morning).

Lots of tweets being fussed over, too: The Queen tweeted her very first tweet and signed it "Elizabeth R.," the way she does all official documents (the "R" is for Regina, meaning "queen," for all you bemused Americans). So tweets count as official documents, then! Good to know. Unfortunately for the Queen, she was too late to "win Twitter," because Madeleine Albright already did that just hours before. Also, Deputy Chief of Staff for Ted Cruz tweeted and then tried to untweet this. Has anyone tried to make #Ebolacare trend, yet? (Don't click on that hashtag unless you really want to know the answer).

Here's a tale of the New York tabloid detente that wasn't (119 shares). "So, @nydailynews and @nypost have talked about lots of things--including a merger," notices Tom McGeveran at Capital New York.

Distressing read of the day: meet the medical reporter who took a part-time job at McDonald’s to make ends meet (710 shares). "Never met @DeanOlsenSJR, but I respect his work. Respect him more now for his commitment to family," journalist Andrew Wang admits.

And if that's not bad enough, the FBI is warning news outlets that a group affiliated with Islamic State is targeting journalists for kidnapping (555 shares).

News Corp might have a senior US post ready for scandal-hounded former editor Rebekah Brooks, shockingly enough (which is to say, not at all).

Lastly, one more important media read of the day: Columbia Journalism Review explores the difficult task of verifying news out of Hong Kong (81 shares).

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