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Oct 27, 2014

"Ebola enters its political phase," observes Anemonis Hartocollis  at the top of today's newsroom is the latest wrinkle in the Ebola saga. A quarantined Newark nurse blames Gov. Chris Christie for her plight, even as the governor gives the OK for her to finish her quarantine at home (2,429 shares). "To be fair to Gov. Christie, it's not like he forced that quarantined nurse to watch the Jets," notes Jim Aley with Bloomberg Businessweek.

Speaking of healthcare and politics, is the Affordable Care Act working? "Really important NYT feature today: How Obamacare is doing, point by point. Data, not hype or cant. What a concept," journalist Richard Perez-Pena praises.

And while we're talking politics, somehow a politician who's been dead since 2009 just weighed in on the New Hampshire Senate race. Oh, yes.

In other political pontifications, the Bush family is rallying around Jeb Bush in hopes of making him number 45. "Most of the Bush family (with one notable exception) has lined up behind a Jeb candidacy," NYT's David Joachim remarks. Click to find out who's the holdout.

But wait, there's more! We give you this Vine of David Cameron being pushed by a protestor.

Equally interesting is the New York Times report that Facebook is changing the way people digest journalism (9,315 shares). "Meet the 26-yo Facebook engineer who decides what news you'll read today," entreats Sal Hernandez with the Orange County Register. Meanwhile, Facebook is offering publishers a life raft, but they're wary.

Lastly, The Toronto Star reveals that CBC has just fired Jian Ghomeshi over sex allegations. "3 women say  'was physically violent to them without their consent during sexual encounters' or before," NYT's John Schwartz summarizes. Here's the Star's explanation on why they chose to publish.


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