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"Colt McCoy's handler almost just fought a reporter on live TV," announces Ryan Parker of the LA Times, and it's a pretty apt description. So you see, it's very important that we talk about the vine of that encounter that's collected 11,000+ shares and counting. To be clear, here's what happened: "No means no!" PR official Tony Wyllie shouted repeatedly at the sports reporter, who was trying to interview Colt McCoy until the QB was rather roughly whisked away. USA Today's Ryan Parker elaborated even more on that on For The Win, collecting another 2,004 shares in the process. Then #NoMeansNo started trending on Twitter. So as you might imagine, everyone seemed to have a different opinion on this. "He should get fined. Seriously," PR Week's Frank Washkuch weighs in. "Tony Wylie's a nice guy. But this cracks me up," admits Rebecca Lopez at WFAA Dallas. Finally, New Yorker's Caitlin Kelly laments, "sigh well i guess this is one way to have that national conversation about consent." Point taken!

In Ebola updates, the second Dallas nurse reportedly is free of Ebola, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Ebola policy is hit by critics from left and right, and in a Liberian slum swarming with Ebola, a race against time is unfolding to save two little girls.

Filed under "espionage," a hacking trail leads to Russia even as Feds identify suspected "second leaker" for Snowden reporters.

In politics, John Tory is elected mayor of Toronto, defeating the brother of scandal-hounded incumbent Rob Ford, The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale informs us (gathering 2,240 or so shares). "My early story: John Tory elected mayor of Toronto, ending the Ford era," Dale summarizes. Checking in on China, Alibaba’s Jack Ma weighs in on Occupy Hong Kong, insisting the protests are not just political.

Last, with 21,644 shares, we can't ignore this, no matter how much we wish it didn't exist: a disturbing video emerged (and then was just as quickly taken down by YouTube) of British hostage John Cantlie. "Astoundingly well produced #ISIS video about #Kobane presented by British war reporter and now hostage John Cantlie," BBC's Kim Ghattas reflects. "Theatre of the absurd: Cantlie in #Kobane (wearing black & with distinct lower beard growth) 'reporting' for #IS," Christopher M. Davidson reacts.

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