The best Halloween costumes for PR pros

The best Halloween costumes for PR pros

Halloween is an opportunity for public relations pros to shine with innovation and creativity when it comes to the costumes they wear.

Even if they only don their imaginative apparel for a work-related party (and then take pics to post to their multiple social media accounts, of course!), they are expected to create exciting, funny, pun-inspired and sometimes groan-worthy getups.

Yet it can be tough to come up with clever pieces, especially if they have to be whipped together last-minute.

If you’re in PR and you need a costume idea that’s friendly to your chosen career path, why not try some of these ideas on for size?

It’s All in the Pitch

Okay – so the public relations individual is always pitching something: a news item, a story, a blog post, etc. Why not use the term “pitch” as a springboard for costumes? For instance, you can dress up like a baseball pitcher, and sling crumpled press releases at your coworkers all night long. Is this totally innovative? Nah. But as long as no one else does it, you’ll still look like you’re a genius!

Get Technical

At my office, we’ve had groups dress up as Google, Google’s zoo of updates (Penguin and Panda), the Googlebot, Fiverr (that was me!)... if your office deals with some very specific aspect of the PR and marketing industry, your coworkers might appreciate an in-joke.

Choose a Well-Known PR Meme

Who doesn’t know Flo, Mr. Clean, the Charmin guy, the Old Spice guy, the Maytag man or The Most Interesting Man in the World? These are all PR inventions, so dressing up as one of them is perfectly awesome. Yes, you may have to prompt your onlookers into understanding why you chose the costume you did; however, once they get it, they’ll undoubtedly love it.

Be Your Social Media

What would a social media marketing addict be without Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? Make a costume that reflects our social media driven world, such as:

  • Dressing up as a blue bird. Get it? Tweet, tweet! Or dress as a whale and be the fail whale.
  • Love your Instagram filters? Make a posterboard of your Instagram profile with colored cellophane across a square cutout. Hold it in front of your face all evening and pose for selfies. The posterboard profile cutout works for a variety of networks if you prefer Facebook or YouTube to Instagram.
  • Pinterest is all about bulletin boards. Just dress up in all white or black and “pin” photos to your outfit. The more, the merrier. You can even ask people to help you by adding pics to your board. (Make certain you trust the folks you’re asking to put images on you!)
Go Old-School

PR and journalism go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly or Al Capone and hidden vaults. You can always give a nod to the well-known history of your profession by putting together a costume that reflects its past. For example, it’s always enjoyable to see an adult in a 1920s “newsie” costume. Think Spiderman comics! Alternatively, you may want to go as an old-fashioned reporter with a cap that says “Press” on it. Don’t forget to carry your notepad with you and ask lots of questions at any celebration you attend! Bonus points if you write about your experience later (in a tongue-in-cheek way, of course) on your blog.

If you have some time, you could even turn yourself into a traditional newspaper using large pieces of cardboard or poster board. Have a penchant for artistry? Create a typewriter costume also using poster board or a box. (You’ll have to pull an all-nighter on that one, but it’ll be totally worth it when you see everyone’s faces of envy! Just make sure your costume can fit through the door. Seriously, you don’t realize how important this is until it becomes a problem.)

Unless you’re going to a soiree where they’re handing out “best costume” awards, you probably won’t get more than kudos and giggles for your PR costume efforts. That’s okay. You’re not looking to go viral (or are you?); you’re looking to celebrate Halloween in the most PR-appropriate manner you can. Now go get ‘em, tiger!

Adrienne Erin is an online PR specialist at WebpageFX who loves playing off her marketing background when it comes to Halloween costumes. She writes for SiteProNews, Search Engine People, Socialnomics, and many other publications that don’t begin with the letter S. Follow @adrienneerin on Twitter or visit Design Roast to get in touch or see more of her work.

Photo: Businessman with pumpkin head via Shutterstock

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