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Today's top media story is American journalist Theo Padnos's reflection for the New York Times on being kidnapped, tortured and released in Syria (collecting 2,000+ shares as of this morning). A poignant passage: "The cruelty of my captors frightened me, but my bitterest moments in those early weeks came when I thought about who was most responsible for my kidnapping: me." GlobalPost's Richard Hall remarks, "Few get to tell this story. Theo Padnos on the unimaginable cruelty he suffered in the captivity of Jabhat al-Nusra."

With an accompanying image of a wolf in sheep's clothing, CJR's cover story asks, "Should journalism worry about content marketing?" Author Michael Meyer shares, "I heard lots of talk about #contentmarketing as a new means of corporate transparency when reporting."

You may have already seen the video "10 hours walking in NYC as a woman." Now thanks to The Awl's John Herrman, here are two minutes of walking on the Internet as a woman (2,230 shares). Herrman tweets, "lmao harassment video truthers." UPDATE: Vox reveals that, in a true twist of ugly irony, the video's creator is now receiving rape threats. Executive editor Matthew Yglesias beseeches, "be less terrible, people."

Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson claims the network suppressed stories on corporate partners (131 shares), but most of her attacks were not very specific: "With various stories, you do get the idea at some point that they want you to stop, especially if you start to dig down right into something very, very important."

Today is the day of Washington Post legend Ben Bradlee's funeral, which will air on CSPAN and can be viewed live via this link.

Bad news: The New York Times is killing its Autos Section.

And because we always try to leave you with a warm, fuzzy thought ... UberKITTENS is back! ... Sadly, though, only for select cities, which do not include Cleveland (where your dear Daily writer happens to be this week!).

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