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Oct 31, 2014

Well, so, here is the inside story on Matt Taibbi's departure from First Look Media, and by "inside," we mean it collectively was written by The Intercept's Glenn GreenwaldLaura PoitrasJeremy Scahill and John Cook (and garnering 4,593 shares). "Media geeks, did you catch this 1st-rate forensic analysis by some top-notch journos of probs at THEIR OWN COMPANY?" pointedly asks Stephanie Nolen with Globe and Mail. Jesse Pesta at the Wall Street Journal found something odd, though: "Mandated use of a 'responsibility assignment matrix.' The new new journalism."

At New York Magazine, Kevin Roose wants to know: What’s behind the Great Podcast Renaissance? (3,376 shares). "Twitter's smart to debut audio tweets just as podcasts become more popular than ever," smartly surmises NYT's Alexis Mainland. At WNYC and Public Radio International, Radiotopia's Julia Barton has her own theory about what's contributing: "Godcasters."

Here's something frustrating: as soon as CFO Usha Chaudhary departs, The Washington Post will an all-male masthead (which got 661 shares). "Welcome to the new WaPo masthead -- Middle Aged Dudes in Suits," dryly tweets Annie Gowen from that newsroom. Also at WaPo, Brigid Schulte facetiously adds, "Progress?"

For GawkerMax Read and Leah Finnegan are taking bets on the odds that any of these new media brands survive (576 shares). GigaOM's Mathew Ingram admits, "Kind of glad not to be on this list," even as Austin Powell confesses the opposite: "Pretty disappointed @dailydot wasn't insulted somewhere in this new media listicle."

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed tackles Ebola coverage and the arsenal of foreign correspondents being amassed by Jina Moore (279).  "We at @CJR agree w @BuzzFeedBen's take on @itsjina," declares Kira Goldenberg on behalf of the Columbia Journalism Review. "She wrote for us before going to BF, & our loss = the world's win." (Join next Tuesday's #MuckedUp twitterchat with Ebola Deeply to further discuss the media's handling of Ebola).

Relatedly, Martin Gould details for the Daily Mail the moment he shook the hand of the defiant "Ebola nurse" (238). Henry Mance with the Financial Times concludes, "Very brave of the nurse."

Finally, notice anything different today about The Guardian's comment section? Editor Joseph Harker is hoping "yes" (but as a person, he hopes it's "no").

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