Monday media mash-up

It's an emotional day, knowing that the World Trade Center has reopened for business today for the first time in 13 years (news that earned 8,000+ shares) and Condé Nast has already moved in (2,396 shares). Speaking of the New Yorker's editor, Huffington Post's Michael Calderone details, "Remnick says 'certain nostalgia' leaving Midtown, but if 'I’ll meet Elmo a lot less often, it’s all for the better.'" But writer/critic Nancy Franklin admits, "I will worry about my friends every day they go to work there."

Sometimes that big interview that's been dodging you just serendipitously falls in your lap--as it did with Kevin Donovan of the Toronto Star, when he found himself at an unplanned dinner with Jian Ghomeshi (1,758 shares). Or as HuffPo's Kim Bellware puts it, "That time Jian Ghomeshi unexpectedly had dinner with one of the Toronto Star reporters investigating him."

Here's your fascinating media read of the day: The mysterious Pierre Omidyar Insurgency, as explored by New York Magazine's Andrew Rice (1,119 shares). A fun factoid you can now offer up at parties: Glenn Greenwald has yet to meet Omidyar IRL.

In today's offering from David Carr: "Corporate backing of news with very different results. Verizon faceplants, Texas Tribune soars. My bit."

Also, welcome to CNET Magazine. You read that right. "I never aspired to be a magazine writer, but here I am with the cover story of the first issue of CNET Magazine," shares executive editor Roger Cheng.

And for your daily dose of adorable, MarketWatch has gifted us with kids explaining futures trading. "Cocoa futures really would be more popular if, as our video suggests, you get to consume them," realizes Steve Goldstein there.

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