Politics, politics, politics! ... What else?

Lest you forget (and we're sure you didn't), it is indeed Election Day. Haven't voted yet? Are you asking yourself, "Should I vote today?" Well, here's your answer, then (that link's been shared 2,854 times, by the way, and it's still early). "Vox registered a URL asking if you should vote today. You can totally believe what happened next," quips Sarah Kliff there, before getting on a roll: "1. Vote today!  2. Then get a flu shot! 3. Then smugly revel in having your s#!t together!"

What you've been waiting for: Nate Silver's final update (1,130 shares), which says Republicans have a 3 in 4 chance of winning the Senate (we read, as we see another desperate plea from Harry Reid pop up in our inbox). "Likely to be a long night *unless* GOP pulls off an upset early in NC or NH. In that case, Democrats are screwed," Silver bluntly tweets. At the Washington Post, Matea Gold describes Election 2014 as a new level of collaboration between candidates and big-money allies (432 shares). "2016 starts Wednesday," GovBeat's Niraj Chokshi surmises. WaPo White House reporter Juliet Eilperin quotes from the piece, "Expert calls current election setup 'incomprehensible system, where the rules don’t really mean anything." 

Meanwhile, the Institute for Fiscal Studies explains "What is welfare spending?" (362) as Foreign Policy brandishes an exclusive on how Washington cut funds for investigating Bashar al-Assad's war crimes (3,323).

And here's two more things we haven't forgotten whilst voting: ISIS (here's how ISIS smuggles oil) or Ebola (here's a map of Africa without Ebola) ... Holy crap on a cracker, that map's gotten 203,000+ shares and counting!

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