Rest in peace, our dearest Click

"The great laugh is silenced but not forgotten," reflects Eugene Sonn with WHYY, gorgeously summarizing sentiments as we collectively remember Tom Magliozzi, the popular co-host of NPR's "Car Talk" who has died at age 77 from complications of Alzheimer's disease. "A lot of @cartalk love out there today. We're all officially dumber about our vehicles without Tom Magliozzi, right?" points out freelance technology journalist Rob Pegoraro. "Oh, Tom Magliozzi, Click (or, maybe Clack, I'm not sure) of Car Talk, is dead," laments Technology Review's Jason Pontin. If you're wondering, Tom was Click: "Clack on Click: 'We used to warn him that if he left work any earlier, he’d pass himself coming in'," Huffington Post's Dave Jamieson shares a quote from brother/co-host Ray.

NPR's Susan Stamberg writes that Magliozzi was as warm in real life as he was on the radio. "Susan Stamberg intro'd Tom & Ray to natl audience. Tom 'was a success in pretty much everything that counts,'" reveals colleague Chuck Holmes. Here's the lovely Car Talk Obit, too. "Beautiful: CarTalk Ray on Tom's death: 'Turns out he wasn’t kidding. He really couldn’t remember last week’s puzzler'," Leo Shane III details. "He said happiness equals reality minus expectations. Sure seemed happy," reflects Richard Pérez-Peña with the New York Times. Speaking of the NYT, here's their tribute to this beloved one half of the jovial brothers.

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